How, why, and what do I need to connect my Oral-B SmartSeries or Genius toothbrush to my smartphone?

The Oral-B App gives you access to professional dental hygiene guidance and statistics, customization options for your toothbrush and the 2-minute timer, and even achievements, all of which are great for keeping on top of your dental hygiene routine and making the most of your Oral-B toothbrush!

What do I need?

  • An Oral-B Smart, a Genius or an iO electric toothbrush.
  • A compatible smartphone. The Oral-B App can be used with Android OS 10.x to 13.x  and iOS 15.x to 16.x. The Oral-B App is not yet running on any other platforms.
  • The Oral-B App. See below for where to get it. It’s important to keep the app updated!  Most smartphones will update it automatically when a new version is available. You can check that you are using the latest version: Go to More > version is mentioned next to the Oral-B logo.

To view the most recent list of phone types the Oral-B app is customized for, please visit this web page. You can also check the Terms & Conditions of the Oral-B App for this information.

Currently, there are no plans to offer the app for additional mobile phones or operating systems.

Where do I get the Oral-B App?

You can get our Oral-B App for iPhones on the Apple Store, and for Android phones on the Google Play Store.

How do I connect the Oral-B toothbrush to the App?

  1. Make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth activated (check your smartphone's manual for how to enable Bluetooth). Note: Your smartphone must support Bluetooth 6.0 (or higher) to pair with your handle.
  2. Start the Oral-B App. The app will guide you through the entire Bluetooth pairing procedure. Note: Oral-B App functionality is limited if Bluetooth wireless technology is deactivated on your smartphone.
  3. Your toothbrush’s Bluetooth will be switched on either via the mode button or, if not available, via the power on button. Please note the radio transmission is deactivated when the handle is placed on a plugged-in charger. Remove from the charger to activate.
  4. The first connection between your Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush and the Oral-B App, the so-called pairing, happens automatically. Just follow the in-app instructions. A message will confirm that the two devices are now connected successfully.
  5. Keep your smartphone in close proximity (within 5 m/16 ft.) when using it with the handle. Make sure the smartphone is safely positioned in a dry place.
  6. After the initial pairing, your toothbrush will be recognized by the Oral-B App whenever your brush is used and your Oral-B app is running nearby. Keep in mind, Bluetooth must be enabled on your smartphone in order for this to happen. 

Note: You do not need to ‘pair’ your Oral-B electric toothbrush with your phone, like you do with some other Bluetooth devices. Attempting to do so will ask you for a 4-digit PIN, and this is not needed. Instead, just have Bluetooth active on the phone and toothbrush, open the App, and switch the toothbrush on.

It is possible that a previously established connection may break or freeze. In this case, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and activate again. Often this already opens the connection again. Should this fail please shut down your phone completely and reboot. With activated Bluetooth on your phone, the connection should re-establish.

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