Which Oral B toothpastes are recommended for children?

Oral-B toothpastes range covers all different stages from baby to toddlers and young kids (3+) up to kids (6+).

Baby Toothpaste

The Oral-B Baby 0-2 Years Winnie the Pooh Toothpaste is designed especially for babies and toddlers ages 0-2. It’s formulated to gently clean growing milk teeth and delicate gums. Plus, babies will love the sugar-free fruit flavour.

Toddlers and Young Kids

For kids age 3 and up we recommend the Oral-B Kids 3+ Cars or Frozen Toothpaste. It’s both sugar free and formulated with an age-appropriate level of fluoride to help protect teeth against acids from sugars in everyday foods. It comes in 3 unique flavors: Bubblemint, Blue Ice, and Mild Mint. Plus, it features kids’ favorite Disney characters Frozen Princesses or Cars


For grown-up kids ages 6 and up, the best toothpaste is Oral-B Junior 6+ Toothpaste. It’s developed with dentists to help prevent cavities by protecting teeth against acids from everyday sugars. It contains an age-appropriate level of fluoride that aids in protecting enamel and comes in a mild mint flavor designed for grown-up children.

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